At 3DS Consulting, our mission is to help model homes in the best possible way.  We want to assist in designing homes that will last longer than a lifetime, but not take a life time to build. Our goal is quality. 3DS Consulting offers services focused on building information modeling, 3 Dimensional visualization and detailing, and structural problem solving.


BIM Modeling



Do prework, not rework!

We discover and resolve design problems before construction using Building Information Modeling (BIM). Together, with laser scanning technology and 3D modeling software, we produce as-built data to bridge the gap between “pretty picture” 2D plans and the real world. We work closely with architects, engineers, and builders for efficient and accurate construction.

As-Built Modeling

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Lidar Scanning

We use LIDAR scanning as our field measure to ensure that our steel fits the concrete perfectly the first time.




Streamlined Production

Our construction and shop drawings are easy to comprehend. We provide truly consistent documents that reduce human error, with full color documentation taken directly from the 3D model. We also enhance the ease of fabrication by digital exporting to manufacturers who have CNC capability.





 3D modeling at its best!

You can completely envision your project before it is built, allowing for any changes or modifications you might wish to make. Traditional drawings can give you a basic feel, but may limit your understanding. With a virtual 3D model, you can see your project from any angle, helping you to get the full picture.





Check out our work history and see many of the projects we have done. Explore our past to give you ideas of what we can do for your future.


Build in the 21st century with the help of virtual construction. Using cutting edge methods and technology, the possibilities are endless.